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On-Site Speech & Language Program
The Prentice School

On-Site Student Support

The Prentice School has a robust selection of support services program on-site that includes speech and language, school therapist, after school tutoring and after school care.

Learn more about The Prentice's School on-site support services below!

Learn More about our On-Site Services

Prentice Services

Do you have Speech Language services at Prentice?

Yes!  The Prentice School has a separate Speech Language department.  Currently we have (2) Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs) and (1) Speech Language Pathology Assistant (SLPA) on staff.  SLP’s conduct weekly push-in Social Communication classes for certain grade levels.  They also offer fee-based individual or group Speech services for students.  Our Speech Language team works hand-in-hand with our teachers and faculty.

Do you have a Therapist?

Yes!  The Prentice School has a full-time, on-site licensed Marriage Family therapist (MFT).  Our MFT conducts weekly Social Emotional Learning classes with students.  She also sees students individually based on educational stressors and need.

Do you offer After School Care?

Yes! The Prentice School offers fee-based after school care until 5:30 pm (M-Th) and 4:30pm (F). 

Do you offer After School Activities/Sports?

Each semester we offer a variety of after school clubs.  Because we are a commuter school with students attending from four different counties, we cannot offer competitive after school sports.

Do you offer transportation services?

We do not offer transportation services, however, many of our families carpool. .

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